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[ Bioactive and organic beauty remedies based on Nigella oil ]





Nigella oil is the pure extract of the Nigella Sativa Superseed. It is also known as Black Seed oil. 

Nigella contains a unique combination of micronutrients and is the natural source of the bioactive phytonutrient Thymoquinone, which has been proven to offer extraordinary anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging efficacy.

SAKHI COPENHAGEN fuses a contemporary and minimalist Scandinavian approach to pure, natural, and organic beauty care with the rediscovery of timeless Eastern traditions on healing, wellness, and beauty derived from the bioactive Nigella Superseed.

SAKHI is freshly made in small batches, and we ship world-wide every day. 




[ Potent ingredients. Timeless remedies. Extraordinary efficacy ]






SAKHI was founded by 45-year-old Farah Sakhi, a Persian-Afghan origin Scandinavian. Farah is gifted with a love for the sciences of pure, natural, and organic beauty care, as well as a passion for the secrets of ever-young skin and hair. 

Born and raised in Copenhagen, she was first drawn to the Scandinavian research tradition within dermatology and nutrition, while studying Medicine at the University of Copenhagen.

Farah always avoided so-called beauty products and supplements with artificial and toxic additives. Instead, she was privileged to grow up with a wealth of pure, natural, and balanced remedies or oils to care for her skin and hair.

One such oil, in particular, proved absolutely extraordinary even though it remained curiously absent in mainstream beauty care. Nigella or Black Seed oil - the pure, cold-pressed extract of the Nigella Sativa Superseed - would consistently amaze her clients, whenever Farah shared her bespoke remedies giving rise to radiant and youthful skin and thick healthy hair.

Researching the therapeutic effects of this bioactive Superseed, Farah was inspired to rediscover an entire heritage containing very potent remedies based on pure and organic Nigella oil. On a series of journeys in search of natural healing and integral wellness across Asia, Persia, and Africa, she was blessed to learn with practitioners from a wisdom tradition transmitted through more than a thousand years.

SAKHI is the fruit of this fascinating quest.