What is Nigella?

[ Nigella: Endorsed by Cleopatra. Hailed by Hippocrates ]






Cleopatra was on to something…

And so was the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen. And the Greek Doctors Hippocrates and Galen. All of them treasured the Nigella seed, with Cleopatra using its oil for her famed youthful beauty, and Tutankhamen ensuring that the seeds journeyed with him in his tomb to the other side. Even the Bible makes mention of the curative Nigella seed.

Perhaps the most captivating description of Nigella is by the Prophet Muhammad who relayed to his followers that the humble Nigella seed contained “the cure for everything, except death”. The Habbat ul Barakah (Seed of Blessing in Arabic) or simply Panacea (Cure-all in old Latin) as it is known, thus became instrumental in several Eastern traditions of natural healing and integral wellness.

Astoundingly, this extraordinarily potent seed and oil have remained a well-kept secret outside of the Eastern traditions, which have safeguarded and transmitted methods for its various internal and topical usages for over a couple of thousand years. SAKHI changes this, and makes available a contemporary adaptation, that allows you to benefit from a long-transmitted healing tradition.




[ Our only additive: Generations worth of wisdom on integral beauty ]






SAKHI is fortunate to have been molded out of a thousand-year-old transmitted tradition. Before there were white coats and clinics, there were incredibly effective natural remedies, which were transmitted orally or by manuscripts. This process was transmitted by Healers, Guides, Masters, and Practitioners - yet over time the benefits became restricted to their elusive circles and inheritors.

This is indeed the secret of SAKHI: the rediscovery of transmitted recipes, proven methods, and the purest of organic Nigella oil made available through beauty remedies, which are both potently effective and practical, while being adapted to the needs of contemporary users. All of our remedies are freshly made in small batches in Copenhagen at a professional and certified facility.

Our pure, natural, and organic products contain absolutely no parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, or MI – or indeed anything artificial that our Persian great-grandmothers wouldn’t apply on their fabled ever-youthful faces. The only additive we use in our products is generations worth of wisdom on healing, wellness and beauty, along with a keen awareness of the challenges posed by our contemporary lifestyle to our skin, hair, and wellbeing.