Less is pure

[ Less is pure. Minimal and multi-talented products: Enough ]






SAKHI is about offering beauty care that is both potently effective as well as gently healing.   

"In the Eastern tradition beauty is wholesome, authentic, and integral - never artificial. Beauty is about purity. And in purity, less is more. Or in other words; less is pure..." says Farah.

The SAKHI range does not consist of an elaborate line-up of products; we neither believe in waste nor superfluity. Effective remedies are multi-talented. So we offer one product for the face, one for your hair, one for your hands, and one for your healing needs. That is it. And we believe it is enough.   

SAKHI products are decidedly minimal - in our range, content, and packaging. Wastefulness is an imbalance of our time, and we seek to address it in everything we do, and how we do it. 

As an example, our SAKHI FACE OIL, is really all you require for hydrating, refreshing, and toning face and décolleté. It is a dry oil and ideal for all ages and skin types – including sensitive or withered skin in need of healing. You will find it an easily absorbed blend for a healthy, revitalised, radiant and luminous complexion with a velvety finish.

Minimalism and purity are Farah’s secrets to a youthful, healthy, and balanced lifestyle with the skin and hair that goes along with it. They are ideally applied along side a healthy dose of wrestling your toddler, meditating on Table Mountain in Cape Town, and a sunset reading of the poetry of Rumi as healthy supplements in the quest for living simple, natural beauty - every day.